Font Surgeon

It is an expected requirement of all advertising brands in their campaigns to have banner ads that are 100% compliant with their branding manual. In such a case, creative agencies and graphic designers have a difficult task, regardless of whether the designer creates the HTML5 banners in Adobe products or other design platforms.  Size constraints […]

5 arguments against using Google Studio

In the next part of our series on data-driven marketing in practice, we’ll take a look at the challenges Google Studio faces in practice. Diversified supportThe Google advertising ecosystem is very complex, they have their own dco system, their own campaign manager, their own dsp. It is a unique solution that each of these has […]

5 reasons to use Google Studio

Az adatvezérelt marketing a gyakorlatban téma sorozatunk első eleme, a Google Studio. Erről kérdezte Béres Szilárd, Horváth Péter Poms Cloud Ltd. CTO-ját. Hatékony feedkezelés  A feed kezelés a legjobb része a google creative studionak egyrészt szinte korlátlan 700 ezer sor hosszúságú kreatív feedeket tud kezelni, hogyha rengeteg termékünk, nyelvi mutációnk, közönségünk is van akkor se […]

Personalized and instant content management

In the first phase of pandemic we have learned that the information, facts are changing hour by hour. We have to update and communicate everything on time to the consumers to retain them. The automated content generator would be able to handle instantly this challenge. How? Every creative is produced by POMS Creative Generator. Content […]