Automated Feed Management

Managing product or stock information: data compilation, data cleansing, data articulation without human intervention. Algorithm controlled hourly based feeds for B2B and commercial partners. 


Automating data management from different systems and platforms is a must to run successful campaigns. There can be multiple input channels and up to 100 outputs handled and fed automatically at no extra cost. The automated system is working while you sleep. Handles the data and takes care of accuracy. It’s freely configurable how fast should be and how often should send updates. 


We are able to provide the cheapest managed solution for multinational brands.

Efficient because

  • 24/7 operational
  • Instant alerting
  • Version management
  • Historical data analysis
  • Data archiving features
  • Integration capabilities without limits
  • Simple operation, high security standards
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Automated feed generation
  • Feed usage logging
  • Supports workflow methods

Useful for

  • Companies to integrate different solutions
  • Agencies for data collection
  • Webshops for feed generation
  • Data aggregation purposes
  • IT data platforms harmonization
  • Company’s marketing division
  • Company’s procurement division
  • Business leads, decision makers


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