Dynamic Creative Optimization

The POMS Dynamic Creative Optimization is more than a form of programmatic creative, because it does include also our team know-how and decades of experience that is part of the delivery and launch for every campaign.

The DCO solution provides the right creatives for the right consumers. POMS DCO is fully agnostic by being able to integrate with any advertising management platform. This solution supports the agency to handle in real time, on the fly the data-driven creative variations.
The agencies are using DCO to leverage efficiency and effectiveness in order to support goals of campaigns via algorithm based, data-driven optimization features of the POMS platform.

Efficient because

  • Data-driven
  • Asset management services included
  • Agnostic integration
  • Automated ads creative generation
  • API based communication
  • Saving time and money

Useful for

  • Advertising agencies
  • Digital Marketing Agencis
  • Creative Agencies
  • Programmatic campaigns
  • Data-driven communication
  • Remarketing or Prospecting campaigns
  • A/B Testing


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