It is an expected requirement of all advertising brands in their campaigns to have banner ads that are 100% compliant with their branding manual.

In such a case, creative agencies and graphic designers have a difficult task, regardless of whether the designer creates the HTML5 banners in Adobe products or other design platforms. 

Size constraints often mean compromises are made at the expense of quality, but on high-resolution mobile screens and monitors, the quality flaws in most banners are immediately apparent. This destroys brand equity. 

The 5 most common problems faced by creatives in data-driven marketing campaigns are. 

Possible solutions to this problem:

One of POMS’ uncompromising solutions to this problem is the FONT SETTING. By cutting out unnecessary characters from font files originally up to 100kb-200kb in size, it automatically creates a font set of up to 5kb-10kb in size.

The space freed up can be used to improve the quality of images or animations so that the most important marketing messages, brand captions, button captions for an advertising campaign are displayed in high quality and are legible.

The POMS font surgeon will automatically produce the optimum font for your use. Therefore, advertising agencies can use a different font set for each advertiser according to brand compliance. 

The POMS font surgeon automatically ensures 95% space savings by dynamically looking at what characters are included in the text and then discarding the excess.

By removing unnecessary characters, the banner size is reduced, the display is faster, the HQ AV count is improved and the campaign quality is improved. 

High quality banners improve the creative agency’s quality score and also increase client satisfaction.

The POMS Font Surgeon is now available FREE for all professional graphic designers to try

For advanced data-driven campaigns, international agencies are already using POMS Font Surgeon as part of their automated process. If you need this or similar campaign improvement solutions, contact us!

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