Automated Creative Production​

Mass content production using more than 100 size variations with an outcome of more than 10 million of different creatives. Photo, video, html5, pdf, etc. will be delivered according to the prodlist media industry standards.

The POMS’s asset management solution provides a multi-language, tag-layered asset management functionality.

The automated creative production process is using campaign specific templates that are developed according to the corporate identity rules and based on the campaign’s master creative.

Every creative is unique and as such further develops the value of the brand. 

The irrelevant ad contents are embarrassing. Targeting only is not sufficient. Having a proper remarketing list is not satisfactory. The truly personalized ad is composed of thousands of products, hundreds of messages. The best conversion rates can be achieved by the most relevant creatives having the actual information, using the most suitable size variations.

Efficient because

  • Automated processing
  • More than 100 size variations
  • Version management (price, stock, description)
  • Parameter based URLs for reporting
  • API integration with media channels
  • Up to 480% increase in efficiency

Useful for

  • Ad agencies
  • PPC agencies
  • Content providers
  • Creative agencies
  • Persona based targeting
  • Online sales channel, for webshopers


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