Automated creative management for agencies delivering personalized, data-driven communication campaigns.


The POMS high performing team members with a well-rounded professional background and experience, supported by our cutting-edge technologies assure the success of campaigns.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

The Dynamic Creative Optimization solution provides the right creatives for the right consumers. Our DCO solution is fully agnostic with any advertising management platform that needs to be integrated with.

Automated Creative Production

Mass content production using more than 100 size variations with an outcome of more than 10 million of different creatives. Photo, video, html5, pdf, etc. will be delivered based on industry standards.

Automated Feed Management

Managing product or stock information: data compilation, data cleansing, data articulation without human intervention. Algorithm controlled hourly based feeds for B2B and commercial partners. 

Custom Based Solutions

We bring even your wildest idea to life. With multiple award winning and innovative solutions, we are the right partner for unique projects with personalized content. Let us know your marketing challenges and POMS team will deliver it for you.


With POMS solutions the agency can provide its services faster, more efficiently and for a broader audience using the automated features. The agency could qualify for more tenders and assignments utilizing POMS platform while the client base and revenues should boost as well.

Automated creative production supports multi-language and cross-market campaigns. DCO capability serves delivering programmatic campaigns. Real time creative production it’s the basics for real time campaign activities. Labeling capacity, a multi addressable feature, helps providing unique creatives for personalized campaigns.

Our Works

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