POMS is a master at auto-generating multilingual ads

Brief: Tungsram purchased the car lights division of GE. They wanted to communicate the acquisition in three markets at the same time with rich media ads.

Rich media ads
Synchronized rollout

Details of case study

Tungsram / Automotive Lighting
Spring shopping
We used our DCO tool to support the campaign. With the tool we created houndreds of ad variations within two weeks, providing creatives to programmatic marketing and digital out of home platforms. With the tool we were able to work simultaneously on the variations through multiple design variations and multiple languages.
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for Digital out of home solutions
  • Simple approval process
  • Cost effective
  • Wide ranging support
  • Extended contract with client
  • Qucik turnaround on additional variations
  • Digital Signage automatisation
  • Reduced workload at the agency


In the case of Tungsram global campaigns, POMS helped us to develop a localized, creative generator system. They created more than 3,000 mutations automatically, that speeded up the processes. We could easily do A/B tests for the banner sets and were able to react to the uncertain situations during the campaign.
Krisztián Dobos
MITO Programmatic Lead
  • Improved metrics
  • Digital creatives on billboards
  • New creative versions for no extra cost
  • Increased brand awareness

Team Quote

It’s cool enough to control the creative content of digital posters next to the highway in the U.S. from here from Europe from a central system with POMS!
Ambrus Norbert
Senior Developer, POMS